EU funded projects

modification date 28 September 2018

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (hereinafter: PFSA) participates in the implementation of the assistance projects, in particular European Union funded projects, acting both as a beneficiary and a donor.

1. The PFSA as a donor of the EU funded assistance projects.

The experts of the PFSA, involved in the assistance projects, in particular EU funded projects, facilitate the democratic transformations adjusting the candidate countries to the EU structures.

In line with the main idea of the assistance projects, their principal objective is to support the candidate country or potential candidate countries applying for the EU accession in development, strengthening and harmonization of law, structures and controlling procedures necessary to assure compliance of the public administration with the international standards. The assistance projects are long-term projects and require constant cooperation between the public administration bodies and therefore significant human resources of the donor institution need to be engaged.

Please find below information on the projects of the PFSA as a donor of the EU: 

2. The PFSA as a beneficiary of the EU funded assistance projects.

The Polish FSA also implements assistance projects acting as a beneficiary of the EU funded projects. Projects are aimed at strengthening the administrative and institutional capacities of the PFSA in the field of acquis communataire regarding the financial market. Moreover, implementation of the projects contributes to enhancement and improvement of the security and stability on the financial market. Educational activities within implemented projects contribute also to increasing the awareness of the society on the rights and responsibilities resulting from Poland participation in the EU structures. Implemented projects strengthen the cooperation both with the foreign supervisory authorities and other public administration bodies in Poland (eg. law enforcement agencies) in order to increase the security and to prevent the market abuse.

Please find below information on the projects, which the PFSA has been a beneficiary: