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Monthly data on the banking sector - March 2024

Modification date:

Since the scope of financial data of the banking sector presented on the UKNF website needs to be adjusted to the changes taking place in the obligatory reporting by banks, starting with the data for December 2023 the shared file will have a new structure.

The new changes apply to the following spreadsheets:

  • Structure – change in the table structure
  • Mortgages – extension of the scope of data presentation to cover all sector groups (so far the data have been presented for the total sector only)
  • Liquidity
    - change in the structure of data related to the LCR
    - addition of the NSFR data

Time series have been presented since January 2018 (except for the data from the packages introduced later, such as the NSFR data), that is since the date of application of the last major amendments to the IFRS.

Historical data (older than from January 2018) are still available in the same location on the website in file:

Monthly data of the banking sector until December 2017 (archival data from before the amendments to the IFRS).

For download

Banking sector data March 2024

file .xlsx, 2MB

Banking sector data March 2024 /presentation/

file .pdf, 920.9kB

Banking sector - ordinary data December 2017

file .xlsx, 1.1MB