Monthly data

modification date 20 March 2019

There were 32 commercial banks, 547 cooperative banks, and 31 branches of credit institutions operating at the end of January 2019.

At the end of January 2019, the net financial result of the banking sector reached PLN 255.0 million and was lower by PLN 308.5 million (by 54.7%) as compared to the result in January 2018.

At the end of January 2019, the assets of the banking sector reached PLN 1.9 trillion and exceeded the level as at the end of January 2018 by PLN 121.9 billion, i.e. by 6.8%.
In January, the balance sheet total increased by PLN 12.6 billion. The monthly gross portfolio of consumer credits increased by PLN 570.1 million, while the monthly portfolio of housing loans for households decreased by PLN 0.6 billion (the volume of housing loans in PLN increased by PLN 2.1 billion). As regards receivables from non-financial enterprises, the gross portfolios of operating credits and investment credits increased by PLN 2.8 billion and PLN 0.4 billion, respectively, after they decreased by PLN 2.2 billion and PLN 1.2 billion, respectively, in the preceding month. In January 2019, the gross value of the portfolio of real property loans extended to non-financial enterprises increased (by PLN 0.1 billion).
In January, the value of deposits of the non-financial sector decreased by PLN 10.1 billion.

The total capital ratio for commercial and cooperative banks at the end of December 2018 was 19.10%, as compared to 18.96% at the end of December 2017.