Forex - Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego



Investment services provided on the Forex market gained much popularity on the Polish capital market. Services are provided by domestic investment firms (brokerage houses or brokerage offices functioning within banks) as well as by licenced foreign entities which operate mostly cross-border, i.e. through the Internet.

Growing promotion and marketing activities aimed at engaging clients in transactions on Forex market is under constant monitoring.

Growing interest in the Forex market may indicate that investors are seeking new ways of making their capital work, eager to achieve faster and larger profit than on regulated markets. On the other hand, firms specialised in Forex services use various techniques to reach out to prospective clients and effectively encourage them to start investing. Some of such firms were found to act in an illegal manner.

It is crucial that potential clients on Forex market do not conclude their assessment of any offer relying merely on potential, outstanding profits or a promise of assistance in executing trades. Investors who decide to engage money in Forex market should duly verify who and how will act as intermediary in these trades. On this website, each investor can find necessary information related to the above.