MiFIR reporting

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WebService KNF web service is intended for providing information required by the provisions of the law, particularly included in art. 4 of the MAR Regulation and art. 22, 26, and 27of the MIFIR Regulation by entities obliged to reporting.

The WebService KNF is a universal, safe channel for exchanging information between the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and external entities (service users). The service allows sending to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority structured information in the form of a file having a strictly defined format and name, and the reception of a feedback regarding sent data.

This is a standardised network service (Web Service) in the SOA architecture allowing to entities both integration with their own IT systems and using any client enabling a communication compliant with the WSDL standard.

Please find attached a document containing rules of using KNF Webservice and  the information with regard to gaining the access to the WebService KNF. 

Please send all inquiries related to the KNF web service at the following e-mail address: webservice@knf.gov.pl (mailto:webservice@knf.gov.pl)