Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) - Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego

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The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is the central authority of the government administration competent for competition and consumer protection. It carries out proceedings in cases concerning recognition of contractual provisions in agreement forms as abusive and cases concerning practices infringing collective consumers interests. The OCCP may prohibit practices recognised as  infringement of collective consumer interests and impose financial penalties on entrepreneurs committing such practices. A practice infringing collective consumer interests shall mean any activity of an undertaking which is unlawful, contrary to established custom, and detrimental to such interests, in particular:

  • a breach of the obligation to  provide consumers with reliable, true and complete information
  • unfair commercial practices or acts of unfair competition
  • proposing to consumers financial services which do not match the needs of those consumers as determined on the basis of information available to the undertaking about the characteristics of those consumers or proposing purchase of services in a manner unsuitable for the nature of those services

Receipt of complaints and reports
Complaints about and reports on practices committed by entrepreneurs, including financial service providers infringing collective consumer interests may be submitted:

  • in person, by delivering a letter to the headquarters of the Office in Warsaw at pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1 or its branch offices
  • sending it via post to the headquarters or the branch offices
  • using fax
  • in person, in the headquarters at pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1 in Warszawie or at the branch offices
  • electronically via the ePUAP platform

A complaint or reports – if reasonable – may but does not have to be a basis for proceedings concerning the infringements of collective consumer interests. The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is not obliged to instigate the proceedings in each reported case. Furthermore, the applicant will not be a party to the proceedings concerning these infringements.