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Supervisory assessment of investors of banks: criteria and key elements of the process

Banks play a special role in the economy: they enable the accumulation of savings and access to finance. For this role to be performed effectively, the security of deposits collected by banks must be ensured.

One of the mechanisms intended to ensure their security is the requirements that need to be fulfilled to become a significant investor  of a bank (that is one that exercises influence  over the bank’s activity). The requirements need to be fulfilled at the moment of establishment of a bank, acquisition of a qualifying holding 1 in a bank and throughout the entire period of the bank’s later operations.

10 April 2024

Proportionality in supervision

Izabela Sykulska, Expert, Insurance Supervision Department, UKNF

Proportionality is not necessarily associated with financial market supervision. Let’s try to explain this concept, though, in this particular context.

22 February 2024

The blessing and challenges of the blockchain

Zbigniew Wiliński, Director of the FinTech Department at the UKNF

Over the past years modern information technologies have become an integral part of the economy. New solutions aimed to optimise business operations and processes continue to emerge. One technology worth highlighting is the blockchain. The interest in the blockchain results mainly from the popularisation of various types of digital assets, including virtual  currencies , that have been created using this technology. Today, however, it has a much broader use.

30 January 2024

eCalculation and publication of currency exchange rates: how and where

Emil Radziszewski, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Since 12 April 2000, the exchange rate of the Polish zloty (PLN) against foreign currencies has been a floating  and unregulated exchange rate. This means that the exchange rate depends on the current market offers of purchase and sale of the Polish currency.

8 January 2024