CEDUR - the Education Centre for Market Participants

modification date 28 December 2018

About project

CEDUR - the Education Centre for Market Participants
The Educaction Centre for Market Participants (CEDUR) is a long-term project carried out by the KNF's Office since 2009. It is aimed at promoting and disseminating financial literacy and understanding of how the financial market operates by using for this purpose various methods of education: direct (training seminars, workshops, etc.) and indirect (publications, competitions, for instance the Doctor’s Thesis Contest for the KNF Chairman Prize).   
The main part of CEDUR are training seminars and workshops addressed to carefully selected groups of participants and the educational publications as well.

The recipients of educational initiatives within CEDUR are:
- representatives of entities supervised by the KNF,
- representatives of unions/associations of entities supervised by the KNF,
- judiciary, prosecutors and law enforcement officers,
- consumer protection institutions – via this group, we reach directly to consumers,
- school environment - teachers and methodologists interested in the issues concerning financial market (among others teachers of economics, entrepreneurship, social studies at secondary schools) - via this group, we    try to reach the future consumers – pupils,
- consumers and the general public.

In the period 2008-2018, there were organised 727 free of charge CEDUR workshops and seminars and the number of participants reached 56 thousand.

The seminars are delivered by the employees of the PFSA exclusively.
The subject of the seminars, depending on the audience, focuses mainly on current issues concerning financial market supervision, changes in laws and regulations, as well as offences detection on the capital market and the protection of financial services consumers.

If you have any questions concerning cooperation with reference to the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone (48 22) 262 56 66
Fax. (48 22) 262 48 61 
e-mail: cedur@knf.gov.pl            

Plac Powstańców Warszawy 1
skr. poczt. 419 
00-950 Warszawa 


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