Multi-sectoral project for strengthening the administrative capacities within Transition Facility 2005

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In line with the decision of the European Commission of 2 August 2006, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority - UKNF became the beneficiary of the Multi-sectoral project for strengthening the administrative capacity within Transition Facility 2005 Enhancing the protection of victims in the light of motor insurance directives through analysis of functions and tasks of respective insurance market institutions.

The overall objective of the project was to enhance the UKNF through improving qualifications and knowledge of its employees on solutions and mechanisms functioning in the other EU countries in the field of compulsory motor insurance, including insurance tariffs, risk assessment and creation of technical provisions.

Furthermore, the project envisaged also enhancement of all the Polish Institutions involved (Insurance Guarantee Fund, Polish Motor Insurers Bureau, Polish Chamber of Insurance etc.) by gathering best practices and concrete experience from the other Member States, regarding the harmonization of the national law in the field of motor insurance in line with the EU regulations.

The first part of the project covered 6 two-days specialized training modules both for the employees of the UKNF and the Polish institutions involved within 5 EU Motor Insurance Directives. The participants of the training seminars were representatives of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Insurance Guarantee Fund, the Polish Motor Insurers` Bureau, the Polish Chamber of Insurance, the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and the Ministry of Finance.

Within the second part of the project a national-wide educational and information activities were carried out to enhance the public awareness regarding the rights and duties of the insured (potential victims of traffic accidents) resulting from the UE Motor Insurance Directives. Additionally the conducted campaign showed the citizens competent Polish institutions responsible for executing their rights.

Moreover, within the Project there were developed a report on solutions applied on the Polish market in the field of insurance tariffs, risk assessment, creation of technical provisions in connection with compulsory motor insurance as well as an analysis of the solutions adopted by the Member States and resulting from provisions of the Motor Insurance Directives. Both the report and the analysis were published on the websites of the UKNF and Polish institutions involved. Additionally, the UKNF developed special information portal on its website dedicated to topic of the EU Motor Insurance Directives in order to familiarize the recipients of the campaign with the rights and duties resulting from the implemented Motor Insurance Directives and to indicate the citizens the respective Polish institutions responsible for executing their rights.

The Project was completed on 31 May 2008.