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26 July, 2014 Saturday
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EIOPA 2014 Report on Cross Border IORP Market Developments

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published its Report on Cross Border IORP Market Developments.

The full text of the Report.

Banking sector - monthly data

The PFSA presents on the website: Banking sector - ordinary data 05/2014

EIOPA publishes its Annual Report 2013

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published today its Annual Report 2013.
The full text of the Annual Report 2013 is available here.

Quarterly Bulletin. Insurance market 1/2014

The PFSA presents on the website the latest publication Quarterly Bulletin. Insurance market 1/2014

EIOPA organizes a public event on Insurance Mediation Directive

EIOPA is hosting a public event in Frankfurt on 11th July 2014. An exchange of views on the EIOPA Discussion Paper on conflicts of interest in sales of insurance-based investment products is planned. This follows the mandate from the European Commission to EIOPA for technical advice. Topics that will be addressed during the event include:

  • what are the types of conflict of interest that could harm customers?

  • how can these conflicts of interest be best avoided or managed?

  • how can conflicts of interest be best addressed for very small intermediaries? 

  • what are the challenges in addressing conflicts of interest for large insurance undertakings?

  • what are the disclosures that should be made to customers, and when?

EIOPA has published the preliminary programme on its website.

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The accounts of OPF members
Individual accounts held at the open funds for their members, where the contributions are paid in the amount and on terms established in separate laws. On accession to a fund, the fund opens an account for the new member to which contributions and transfer payments are paid.
Insurance risk
Commonly understood as an event covered with an insurance; more precisely - the probability of such event taking place.
Payment Services Office
A natural person, a legal person and an organisation unit, which is not a legal person and which, according to the law on payment services, ensures legal capacity to act, which provides payment services to the maximum value of 500 000 EUR a month.
The second pillar of Polish pension system
The mandatory capital part of the pension system, including open pension funds, which are managed by private operators - general pension societies. Similar to the first pillar - the contributions to the second pillar are mandatory (for anyone born after 31 December 1948), but it is possible to choose another fund among those operating on the market. It is also possible to change a fund into another one. An important difference, compared to the first pillar, is that the resources collected in this pillar are invested and may be inherited. The operation of pension funds is subject to detailed provisions and state supervision. The second pillar receives 7,3% of the basic contribution.
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