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25 July, 2016 Monday
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Complaint to the KNF Office

KNF Office receives signals about irregularities in operations of the supervised entities. Gathered information is used by KNF Office to analyse market practices and, as a consequence, to take actions in order to eliminate possible legal violations and/ or infringements of clients’ rights. KNF Office does not consider the merits of the reported issues and does not take a stance in individual cases being complained about.

NOTE! It is possible to consult with a person responsible for the given case by calling at (0-22) 26 24 054 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Please direct all signals about any irregularities in operation of the entities supervised by KNF to the Customer Protection Department:
 1) in writing:
- by regular mail to the following address: Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1, 00-950 Warszawa
- personally at the office of PFSA Office (see address above)   
2) by e-mail: list of available forms →

NOTE! In case of complaints filed by persons acting as proxies of natural persons or as persons acting on behalf of other clients of the supervised entities not being natural persons, the complaint may be filed only in writing by regular mail or personally at the office of PFSA Office; the complaint needs to be enclosed with the original of the power of attorney or another document granting relevant authorisation or certified copies thereof.
Any reports on irregularities enclosed with relevant documents providing details of the case should be also filed using regular mail.

Complaint to Insurance Ombudsman

Complaints regarding insurance companies, open pension funds and membership in employee pension plans can be also filed to the Insurance Ombudsman.
Contact details of the Insurance Ombudsman Office:
Al. Jerozolimskie 44,
00-024 Warszawa
phone: (0-22) 333 73 26, (0-22) 333 73 27, (0-22) 333 73 28      
fax: (0-22) 333 73 29

Experts of the Insurance Ombudsman Office work on duty. Further information is available in the Internet service of the Insurance Ombudsman →

Complaints against insurers subject to supervision by European Union Member States

Below you will find information about the possibility of filing a complaint against insurers and/ or insurance intermediaries subject to supervision by the European Union Member States.
The manner and mode of filing consumer complaints against the insurance market entities – EIOPA website →

Conciliatory dispute resolution

1) Conciliatory Court at PFSA

There is a Conciliatory Court at KNF. It settles the disputes between financial institutions and between those institutions and financial services’ beneficiaries provided that both parties agree for the dispute to be settled by the Conciliatory Court. Prior to instigating the actual conciliatory proceedings the parties may turn to mediation to settle the dispute amicably.
Further information on the Conciliatory Court at KNF →

2) Conciliatory Court at Insurance Ombudsman

There is a Conciliatory Court at Insurance Ombudsman which settles disputes between the insuring parties, the insured, beneficiaries or persons authorised under insurance agreements and insurance companies, between pension societies and members thereof and the disputes related to membership in employee pension plans.
As in the case of the Conciliatory Court at KNF, the consent of both parties is a prerequisite for the Conciliatory Court at Insurance Ombudsman to be able to settle the dispute. Hence, if one of the parties files a motion for the dispute to be settled by the Conciliatory Court and the other party does not consent thereto, the proceedings cannot be instigated.
Further information on the Conciliatory Court at Insurance Ombudsman →

Consumer organisations

In the individual cases consumers have a possibility to obtain free legal advice from the municipal or county Consumer Ombudsman or from one of consumer organisations funded from the state budget – the Consumer Federation (http://www.federacja-konsumentow.org.pl/) or the Polish Consumer Association (http://www.skp.pl/). You will find there free legal advice and you may consult your case with experts on on-call duty – it also applies to financial services provided by banks, insurers and other financial institutions.
Further information -- the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection →

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The accounts of OPF members
Individual accounts held at the open funds for their members, where the contributions are paid in the amount and on terms established in separate laws. On accession to a fund, the fund opens an account for the new member to which contributions and transfer payments are paid.
Insurance risk
Commonly understood as an event covered with an insurance; more precisely - the probability of such event taking place.
Payment Services Office
A natural person, a legal person and an organisation unit, which is not a legal person and which, according to the law on payment services, ensures legal capacity to act, which provides payment services to the maximum value of 500 000 EUR a month.
The second pillar of Polish pension system
The mandatory capital part of the pension system, including open pension funds, which are managed by private operators - general pension societies. Similar to the first pillar - the contributions to the second pillar are mandatory (for anyone born after 31 December 1948), but it is possible to choose another fund among those operating on the market. It is also possible to change a fund into another one. An important difference, compared to the first pillar, is that the resources collected in this pillar are invested and may be inherited. The operation of pension funds is subject to detailed provisions and state supervision. The second pillar receives 7,3% of the basic contribution.
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